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  2013 Kevin James Wolz
School: University of Illinois
Field of study: Kevin James Wolz, a senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, will do a botanical survey of a remnant oak savannah at Tomlinson Nature Preserve, Illinois, and monitor the site’s rare American hazelnut population, using time-lapse photography. Analysis of the photos will support his plant inventory and he will make a video to be used as a teaching tool.
  2012 Rylan Nocona Sprague
School: Black Hills State University
Field of study: A senior at Black Hills State University, will help revise a taxonomic key to vascular plants of South Dakota by documenting 1,500 plant collections from areas near the Black Hills which were under-represented in an earlier edition. He will be working as a botany trainee with the Forest Service Student Career Experience Program.
  2011 Maria Williams
Field of study: "Graduate student at Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas, will conduct research at the universitys herbarium, where she will complete a botanical inventory of Cats-eye associates."
    2010 Yuliya Labko
School: Rider University - Sophomore with a concentration in Biology
Field of study: Yuliya is studying population dynamics of invasive species and preservation of local forests.
    2009 Margaret Diddams
School: Rice University Junior - Graduates 12/09
Field of study: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Will conduct research related to the effects of climate change on tree growth in native versus invasive species across North America.
    2008 David Jakim
School: State University of New York (SUNY) New Paltz Junior
Field of study: Environmental Geochemical Science Field Botany & Habitat Mapping for Local Land Use Decision Making
Project location: "New Paltz and Highland in Ulster County, New York"
    2007 Ashley Russell
School: University of California - Irvine Senior
Field of study: Will study the problem of aluminum toxicity and its effects on both trees and plants in Costa Rica.
Project location: Costa Rica
    2006 BreAnne Nott
School: Eastern Illinois University 2008 - Graduate Student Washington State University
Field of study: "Biological Science Will be working on a study of the recovery of abandoned farmland in New Jersey, conducting botanical field surveys, plant collections and environmental measurements."
    2005 Michael Schiebout
School: University of Northern Colorado -Greeley Graduate Student in Biology/Botanty
Field of study: Field Botany Study: The diversity of vascular plants occuring in northeastern NM which have never before been studied systematically.
Project location: New Mexico
    2004 Megan Ridder
School: University of Connecticut -Storrs Freshman Horticulture Program Graduate 2008
Field of study: "Field Botany Project: Summer field assistant with Krissa Skagan at University of Connecticut monitoring NE populations of Desmodium cuspidatum, the large-bracketed-tick-trefoil."
    2004 Marc Frank
School: "University of Florida, Gainsville, FL Masters Program in Environmental Horticulture with Botany minor"
Field of study: Field Botany Program: Intensive field-based course of study in the biology and systematics of tropical plants.
Project location: Fairchild Tropical Garden and the National Tropical Botanical Garden
    2003 Heather Irvine
School: Cornell University Graduates 2005
Field of study: Agroforestry/Natural Resources Project: Field studies of wild and cultivated Ginseng Golden Seal and other medicinals. Plans a career in medical botany.
Project location: New York State
    2003 Kerry Weber
School: "University of New England, Biddeford, ME"
Field of study: To research harmful algal blooms and minimize their effects on human and marine life.
Project location: Internship at Bigelow Laboraroty for ocean Sciences

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