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  2013 Kathryn Cooney
School: University of Massachusetts
Field of study: Will volunteer at the Nashua National Fish Hatchery as part of their American shad restoration project. In addition to sampling and caring for shad eggs and other restoration tasks, she will help answer visitor questions and perform other support tasks.
  2013 Victoria Elliott
School: Rhodes College
Field of study: Her program is titled Environmental Field Study in Namibia, and she will explore major environmental issues in that country focusing, in particular, on community-based conservation projects.
  2013 Katherine Leise
School: Kansas State University
Field of study: She will participate in Community Planning/Design Studio and Seminar, a KSU program that helps undergraduates transition in Master’s programs.
    2013 Laura Messman
School: Oberlin College
Field of study: She will serve as an ecological intern at University of Minnesota and conduct research on plant adaptations to environmental stress related to the impacts of climate change.
  2012 Sierra M Voss
School: Eckerd College
Field of study: A junior at Eckerd College majoring in Environmental Studies, with minors in Biology and Coastal Management, will participate in a program entitled Sacred Groves of Sierra Leone: Conserving Biodiversity and Cultural Traditions. She will do field study and research on several groves in Sierra Leone.
Project location: Sierra Leone
  2012 Matan Levin
School: Columbia University
Field of study: Is a sophomore majoring in Psychology at Columbia University who will participate in a program on ecology and environmental sustainability at Columbias Center for Environmental Research and Conservation.
    2012 Nazarine M Nato
School: Benedict College
Field of study: Is an Environmental Engineering student who will participate in Benedict Colleges summer undergraduate research program, doing a hands-on, faculty led-project using molecular genomics and computer modeling to study the interactions between pore spore hydraulic conditions.
  2011 Audra Locicero
School: New College of Florida
Field of study: Audra will travel to Ireland to participate in the Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms program. She will work on a County Galway farm to gain first-hand experience with organic growing techniques and sustainable living.
    2010 Ryan Moraski
School: Penn State University - Sophomore - B.S. in Biology with option in Plant Biology
Field of study: "Research will focus on the effect of inbreeding & damage on a plant's production of volatile organic defense compounds and, in turn, the ecological impact of these compounds on attracting beneficial parasitoid insects to the plant."
    2009 Alison Mannos
School: "University of California, Los Angeles, CA Junior Los Angeles City College A.A."
Field of study: "Urban Planning & Asian American Studies Will be doing an internship at the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. Under the guidance of the director, she will learn grant making, and GIS mapping and try to extend the bike trails in LA County."
    2008 Claire Menke
School: Stanford University Junior B.A. in Anthropology
Field of study: Environmental Sciences Anthropology/Environmental Sciences/Ecotourism The Effeect of Uneven Trail Usage on Bird Species of the Madre de Dios Region of Peru. Will continue an independent research project on rainforest ecoogy.
Project location: Tambopata River Basin of Madre de Dios region of Peru
    2008 Lisa Young
School: Boise State University Junior in Progress for B.S. in Chemistry
Field of study: Will learn and conduct field studies to help manage sustainable development issues in Costa Rica's National Parks through the School for field Studies in Costa Rica.
    2007 Nathaniel Hough-Snee
School: University of Washington/Seattle Junior
Field of study: "Will be a part of a Renewable Energy Working Party, establishing a reparian buffer zone around the shoreline of Lake Omapere."
Project location: New Zealand
    2006 Dustin Long
School: "Rhodes College, Memphis, TN BS (2009)"
Field of study: Biology/Anthropology Project: Coral Reef Ecology
    2005 Sophia Kruszewski
School: "University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI Junior BS (2006)"
Field of study: "Participation in an interdisciplinary approach to scientific research entitled, Biosphere-Atmosphere Studies in a Changing Global Environment."
Project location: University of Michigan Biological Station

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