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    2013 Yan-Yi Anny Chung
School: University of New Mexico
Field of study: Will study biological soil crusts as a key player in the conservation of plant and arthropod community structures in the desert ecosystem. Anny was born in Taiwan and now resides in Albuquerque. She is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Washington University in St. Louis.
    2013 Skyler Flood
School: Arizona State University
Field of study: He will be an intern at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix where he will learn about desert plants and design to contribute toward his education to be a sustainable Landscape Architect.
Project location: Phoenix
  2013 Clemente Rico Rodriguez
School: Arizona State University
Field of study: He will study ways of water conservation in the desert as an intern at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.
    2012 Pacifica Sommers
School: University of Arizona
Field of study: A Ph.D. student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona in Tucson. She has a B.A. in Biology with honors and cum laude from Scripps College in Clarement, CA. Her thesis is the study of the effect of baffle grass on native Sonoran seedlings through interactions with small animals.
    2012 Jane G. Smith
School: New Mexico University
Field of study: A Ph.D. student in Biology at the New Mexico University in Las Cruces, will study the effects on soil organic carbon by desert rodents and ants. She will utilize a long-term rodent and ant removal experiment in the Chihuahua Desert to quantify the role of the rats and ants in soil organic carbon cycling, a phenomenon associated with plant productivity and soil-water properties in the desert.
    2011 Christopher Gurney
School: Claremont McKenna College BA UC Berkeley MS
Field of study: "A Masters candidate at UC Berkeley, will study the interaction of the giant kangaroo rat with the plant community within the Carriszo Plains."
    2011 Marie Woodard
School: Mississippi State University BA
Field of study: "Ph.D. candidate at Arkansas State University, will study a method to control the invasive Cactus Borer."
    2010 Eurgnio Cardenas
School: "Centro de Estudios Superiores del Estada de Sonora - B.S. in Ecology, Hermasillo, Sonora, Mexico University of Arizona - Ph.D"
Field of study: His proposal outlines a novel way to measure seed size after germination and will investigate whether low water availability or seedling competition more strongly favors larger seeds.
    2009 Ben Grady
School: University of Wisconsin-Madison Ph.D. Candidate University of Northern Iowa Master of Science: Biology (Plant Systematics) University of Northern Iowa Bachelor ofArts: Biology: Ecology & Systematics
Field of study: Plant Ecology & Systematics Will investiage the taxomonic distribution of edaphic endemism to lead to a better understanding of soil properties and the ecological variables they produce.
    2009 Matthew Bossler
School: University of Arizona M.L.S. (Landscape Architecture) in progress Duke University B.A. Environmental Sciences & Policy B.S. Biology
Field of study: "Landscape Architecture Will study the need to reinvent existing flood control structure, but increasingly provide recreational habitat and other functions as capacity stabilizes or is reduced over time."
    2009 Tobah Gass
School: "Colorado State University Ph.D. Candidate UCLA MBA University of Idaho MS Harvard-Radcliffe Colleges, AB"
Field of study: "Will trace the route of carbon compounds produced by trees, grasses and cacti into the soil under three levels of precipitation. She hopes to determine when semi-arid lands are at risk of permanent conversion to arid lands."
    2008 Larry Brouillette
School: Millsaps College B.S. University of Georgia M.S. University of Georgia Ph.D in progress
Field of study: Physiological Ecology Variation in Neutral Markers & Quantitative Traits in Helianthus anomalus
    2008 Katharine Gerst
School: University of California B.S. University of Arizona Ph.D in progress
Field of study: Plant Reproductive Ecology
Project location: Mating System Ecology and Evolution in Camissonia
    Zachary Babb
School: University of Arizona

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