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  2013 Erica Georgaklis
School: College of the Atlantic
Field of study: Erica Georgaklis, a junior at the College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, ME, is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humane Ecology. Her botanical research project, conducted at High Falls Gardens in Philmont, NY, will study four herbs popular in Chinese and Indian medicine. Sowing and growing the herbs, she will compare germination, growth and reproduction rates under different simulated climates to determine the best overall growing conditions and to encourage the production of medically valuable secondary compounds.
  2012 Meghan Henshaw
School: Bastyr University
Field of study: Is a junior at Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington. This summer she will study herbal medicine in Italy, identifying plants and integrating an understanding of their medicinal applications. Her goal is to cultivate medicinal plants for use in a medical practice.
Project location: Italy
  2012 Sarah McCracken
School: College of the Atlantic
Field of study: Is a junior at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, ME. She will apprentice at Healing Spirits Herb Farm and Education Center in Avoca, New York, where she will learn to make tinctures, salves, flower essences and teas and how to maintain established ecosystems
  2011 Joseph Layden
School: College of the Atlantic
Field of study: His project will research the medicinal ethno botany of the Algonquin peoples and record the results into an accessible and comprehensive handbook.
    2011 Hazel Stark
School: College of the Atlantic
Field of study: "A senior at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, ME, with a concentration in Ethno botany, is researching the medicinal uses of fifty-one common plants found in Maine, representing twenty-seven plant families and over thirty native plants."
    2010 Eden Kinkaid
School: Ohio University - sophomore in the Environmental and Plant Biology Department
Field of study: "Eden will be a part of the Herbal Earthways Program where she will study herbalism, and receive instruction and practice in identifying, havesting, and using herbs and wild foods."
    2009 Pamela Young
School: University of Missouri - St. Louis Junior - Biology
Field of study: Botany Will conduct field research on Chinese plants in Taiwan.
Project location: Taiwan
    2008 Emily Warschefsky
School: Montcalm Community College Hope College Reed College Junior
Field of study: "Ethnobotany, Ethnomedicine Will be taking a course in Amazonian Ethnobotany and a course that will draw on ethnobotanical, ethnopharmacological and ethnomedicinal knowledge of local shamans, herbalists, and doctors."
Project location: Andes and Amazon Field School Santo Urcu Educador
    2008 Yongjun Heo
School: Swarthmore College Junior
Field of study: Biology and Public Policy Researching Traditional Pemon Healing Practices
Project location: "Uriman, Gran Sabana, Venezuela"
    2008 Teresa Trego
School: North America College of Botanical Medicine Certified in advanced Herbal medicine Temple University Amber Junior
Field of study: Horticulture/Environmental Studies Will be developing a medicinal plant community garden in the Northern liberties section of Philadelphia.
Project location: Northern Liberties Medicinal Plant Restoratin Project Philadelpha
    2007 Brigitte Zettl
School: Bastyr University A junior majoring in Herbal Sciences
Field of study: Will attend the "Herbal Medicine in Itlay" field study trip which will include studying indigenous medicinal flora of Italy and traditional and current uses for regional botanicals.
Project location: Italy
    2007 Jessa Davis
School: St. Lawrence University Junior in Biology/Anthropology
Field of study: "Will do an ethnobotanical survey of traditional, indigenous remedies for malaria in a swamp community in Northern Kenya."
Project location: Northern Kenya
    2006 Antoinette Grove
School: Bastyr University Skagit Valley College University of Maryland
Field of study: Herbal Sciences
    2006 Kimberly Sikule
School: St. Lawrence University Sophomore
Field of study: Medicinal Botany Will study the medicinal plant Acordus Calamus or sweetflagin Malaysia and compare her findings to studies of the same plant in North America.
Project location: Malaysia
    2005 Andrea Garcia
School: Oregon State University - Corvallis
Field of study: Project: "Evolution of NW Native Plants for Presence of ACE Inhibitors."
Project location: Pacific Northwest
    2005 Anna Fiskin
School: "Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio MD/MA in Medical Anthropology University of Cincinnati BA"
Field of study: Project: "Traditional Uses of Local Medicinal Plants in Belaries."
Project location: "Belarus, Russia"
    2004 Carl Hansen
School: University of Hawaii - Manoa (Honolulu) Junior
Field of study: "Botany, Ethnobotany Project: Examines activity of selected medicinal plants and their possible activity as treatments for anthrax, botulism and several forms of cancer."
Project location: Hawaii
    2004 Stephen Hodges
School: "Florida International University Senior, Biology"
Field of study: "Project: "Medicinal Plants of Darien-Choco Region." Will research medicinal plants used for snakebite of the common pit viper, Bothrops Asper"
Project location: "Jaque, Panama"

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