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The Garden Club of America believes that our country’s national parks are irreplaceable treasures whose value is incalculable. As important and meaningful symbols of our American heritage and culture, our parks, must by law, be managed by the federal government under a mandate of conservation stewardship. The National Park Service is directed by the Organic Act of 1916 and the Redwoods Act of 1978 to ensure that our natural and cultural park resources and values will continue to exist in a condition that allows the American people the opportunity to enjoy them forever.
The National Park System is directed “to conserve the scenery and natural and historic objects and the wild life therein and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such a manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for future generations.” Therefore, our National Parks deserve the highest possible level of protection. While recreation and inspiration are important components of a national park experience, the NPS Management Policy Manual makes the conservation of resources its first priority. The Garden Club of America appreciates the intention of Congress in establishing the National Park System and respectfully reminds Congress of its responsibility for fully funding the operations of the entire park system.
Therefore, the Garden Club of America supports:
Strengthening Public Policy to:
  • Place a priority on conservation, education, and preservation.
  • Foster biodiversity and the protection of native plant communities and whole ecosystems within and around the parks.
  • Include adequate funding for botanists to inventory plant communities.
  • Protect national parks from exploitation, pollution, and the effects of climate change.
  • Encourage ecologically compatible use of lands surrounding parks and collaboration with neighboring communities.
  • Establish corridors to enable migration of wild life adapting to climate change.
  • Meet annual funding needs as well as make up for previous funding deficiencies and cumulative shortages.
  • Provide sufficient federal personnel for NPS programs by assuring adequate funding of federal staff.
  • Protect visibility and view sheds in all parts of our national park system.
  • Fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund and use the federal portion of that fund for its intended purpose, the purchase and restoration of public lands.
Managing National Parks to:
  • Prevent, control and eradicate invasive plants.
  • Make available the tools and training needed to maximize the effectiveness of park managers.
  • Encourage professionalism in educators and public awareness of the need for resource protection.
  • Control animal populations where necessary to restore balance to the park ecosystem. 


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