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Achievement medal

2013 Shirley Meneice
Carmel-by-the-Sea Garden Club, Zone XII

Presented to Shirley A. Meneice for her unfailing enthusiasm in sharing her knowledge while constantly inspiring GCA members to explore the horticulture world.

2012 Jan Offutt Pratt

In recognition of her extraordinary leadership and horticultural achievement on both the local and national levels over her many years of membership in The Garden Club of America.

2011 Suzanne Willliams
In honor of her deep reverence for nature and in recognition that true conservation heroes toil unheralded to protect our planet for future generations.

2009 Emma White Seymour
For her outstanding furtherance of the aims of The Garden Club of America, and her willingness to share her enthusiasm, energy and expertise with others.

2007 Christine D. Freitag

Heartfelt conservationist and environmental activist, she was in the vanguard of the citizens working together to create what has become the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and inaugurated the GCA "Partner for Plants" project in the park. She initiated and undertook leadership of Scenic Ohio and founded The Friends of Metro Parks, an organization assisting in the preservation of the parks in Ohio.

2006 Francis H. Cabot
Chairman and founder of The Garden Conservancy, whose strong leadership has helped focus hundreds of thousands of amateur gardeners, garden historians and private owners on the need to and the actual preservation of important and possibly endangered

2005 Corliss Knapp Engle
In recognition of her talent, knowledge, dedication and hard work in the field of horticulture, photography and writing, which have made a vast difference to The Garden Club of America.

2004 Nancy Peterson Brewster

Presented to Nancy Brewster, whose dedicatioon and exceptional talents evident in Plants that Merit Attention, have advanced the art of horticulture in GCA and the many other institutions she supports.

2003 Nancy Stallworth Thomas

Former President of GCA, in recognition of her extraordinary contributions to horticulture, conservation and education and for her creative vision and commitment to the goals of The Garden Club of America.

2002 Sadie Gwin Allen Blackburn

Former GCA President, her achievements reflect the breadth of her interests, fields of study and writings: historic preservation, horticuture, landscape design, garden restoratioonm land preservation and conservation, and ultimately, the environmental movement in the United States.  She continues to impart her own specialized area of knowledge to improve community life.

2000 Louise Agee Wrinkle

Horticulturist par excellence, whose quiet but strong leadership has improved the landscape around us and has expanded all our knowledge.

2000 Lucia Smith Nash

A visionary defender of the natural environment, and a guiding force in educational institutions, whose selfless dedication embodies the mission and highest principles of The Garden Club of America.

1999 Laura Whitner Dorsey
For her constant dedication to conservation, flower arrangement, horticulture and preservation.

1998 Betty Cocke Winfree
For her true dedication to horticulture and her tireless commitment to the Mill Mountain Wildflower Garden.

1997 Genevieve Munson Trimble
For her diverse civic accomplishments; mainly the restoration and development of the New Orleans Botantical Garden.

1996 Peggie Phipps Boegner

For her extraordinary vision and dedication in the preservation of Old Westbury Gardens as an outstanding place to appreciate a glimpse of days past and to enrich the lives of future generations.

1993 The Philadelphia Committee
For twenty-nine years of sustained accomplishments and horticultural contributions made possible by combining the talents and resources of 800 GCA members.

1992 Green Fingers Garden Club
For its creative work with local government in transforming Ferry Boat Landing Park from a deteriorating asphalt dumping ground into a scenic waterfront park serving 100,000 people a year.

1991 Permelia Pryor Reed

A visionary and indefatigable fighter in the finest sense of the word who has led a group of volunteers and professionals in the protection and enhancement of the natural beauty of Jupiter Island. In the process she has given generously not only of her talents, but of land, to make her dream a reality.

1990 Leith Symington Griswold

In recognition of her leadership in the restoration and embellishment of the Ladew Topiary Gardens in Maryland.

1989 Julia M. Fifield
In recognition of her lifelong devotion to the ideals and aims of The Garden Club of America, her success in the furtherance of these aims, and her outstanding achievements in the fields of horticulture, conservation, preservation and civic affairs.

1988 Helen Sharp Anderson

In recognition of her outstanding achievements in furthering the aims of The Garden Club of America; whether in historic preservation, garden restoration, or executive ability, she accomplishes her goals with quiet determination, intelligence and charm.

1987 Pamela C. Copeland
For her establishment of the Mount Cuba Center, for her vision in preserving rare and endangered plants, and for her understanding of horticulture and conservation.

1986 Mrs. Russell M.Arundel
For her efforts to improve and protect the quality of the environment, especially focusing on the critical problem of preserving tropical rain forests.

1985 Ann Lyon Crammond
An accomplished horticulturist, teacher and lecturer, who was instrumental in developing the Atlanta Botanical Garden, where she is currently Executive Director.

1984 Mrs. George Angus Garrett
For serving as spokeswoman for the GCA in the nation's capital for many years and for promoting the establishment of the National Arboretum and increasing its effectiveness over the years.

1982 Mrs. Peter R.. Gallagher
For her boundless energy and enthusiasm, her great knowledge and love of horticulture and for her many creative talents.

1981 Timmy Gallagher
Woodside-Atherton Garden Club, Zone XII

1981 Caroline Seelye Cadwalader
For her role in restoration and conservation programs, and for sharing her horticultural knowledge with thousands, through her work on the National Arboretum Herb Garden, her books and magazine articles.

1980 Mrs. Robert MacBride
For her dedication to horticulture and for her conception and organization, as Founder and President,, of the Fields of Filoli.

1979 The Pilgrimage Garden Club
In recognition of their leadership in historic preservaton as exemplified in the

1978 Dr. Peter Hamilton Raven
For his extraordinary ability in the fields of research, education and horticultural display, as exemplified by his remarkable achievements at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

1976 Margaret Day Dilks
For her inspiration and ceative vision in forming the Philadelphia Committee of the Garden Club of America.

1973 Edith Foster Farwell
For her contributions to horticultural knowleldge and conservation. For her literary achievements, and for garden design, especially the herb gardens at the Chicago and Milwaukee Botanical Gardens.

1972 Edith Moutlon Sawin
In awareness of her creative contributions in many capacities, for furthering The Garden Club of America's objectives and for her dynamic interest in the preservaton of California's Redwoods.

1971 Elizabeth Platt Corning
In appreciation for her inspired service and creative vision in furthering The Garden Club of America, and in sharing with others her vast horticultural knowledge.

1969 Charles D. and Natalie P. Webster
For joint advancement of the aims of The Garden Club of America, their sincere dedication to horticulture and their inspiring leadership in growing and showing their own plant material.

1964 Mrs. Alvin R. Jennings
For rare competence and invaluable help in the creation of two arboreta, the Montgomery Pinetum in Greenwich, Connecticut, and the Fairchild Tropical Garden in Florida.

1963 Mrs. Robert Woods Bliss
For her ability and creative vision in horticulture, landscape design and civic planting and for making Dumbarton Oaks a research center with a renowned horticultural/botanical library and a garden of national significance.

1961 Mrss. Winthrop H. Battles
For her outstanding and distinguished work as Editor of the Bulletin during the past ten years.

1958 Mrs. Charles Platt
For devoted service to The Garden Club of America, her manifold achievements and her great gift as an artist.

1957 Mrs. William A. Lockwood
As a tribute to creative vision and ability in the interpretation and furtherance of the aims of The Garden Club of America.

1956 Mrs. Hermann G. Place
For her dedication to the best interests of The Garden Club of America.

1955 Mrs. Harold Irving Pratt
For creative vision, ability and notable accomplishments, both civic and horticultural.

1954 Mrs. Walter Douglas
For her many outstanding accomplishments and her promotion of the aims of The Garden Club of America.

1953 Garden Club of Cleveland
For its creative conception of the Garden Center of Cleveland.

1952 Mrs. Roy Arthur Hunt
In recognition of her collection of books and prints.

1951 Mrs. Alfred B. Thacher
In recognition of her inestimable value to horticulture in behalf of the genus Ilex.

1950 Mrs. Francis B. Crowninsheild
In recognition of her outstanding achievement and in tribute to her creative vision and ability in the interpretation and furherance of the aims of The Garden Club of America.

1948 Mrs. Joseph M. Cudahy
In recognition of her outstanding achievements and in tribute to her creative vision and ability in furthering the aims of the Garden Club of America.

1947 Mrs. Max Farrand
In recognition of her service to the art of landscape design and as a tribute to her interpretation and development of the aims of The Garden Club of America.

1945 Mrs. William K. du Pont
Accomplishment in the field of gardening. (Orchids)

1941 Mrs. T. H. B. McKnight
For high standards in editing the Garden Club of America Bulletin.

1939 Eloise P. Luquer
For her work in many fields of conservation.

1938 Mrs. Arthur Hoy Scott
For her notable work in hybridization and for the development of Swathmore Arboretum.

1936 Mrs. Sephen V. R. Crosby
For accomplishments in developing the protection of wildflowers.

1933 Mrs. Luke Vincent Lockwood
For her inspiring work in writing and compiling Gardens of Colony and State.

1932 Mrs. J. Willis Martin

For her inspiration and creative vision in forming The Garden Club of America and stimulating the garden club movement in the United States.

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